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Industrialization of Manufacturing Technologies for Composite Profiles for Aerospace Applications


Main aim of the project is the development of a complete, integrated process chain for the cost effective serial production of various aerospace CFRP stiffener profiles. The production is foreseen in the two steps: Preform manufacturing and infiltration / curing. The project will focus on complex profile geometries with variable cross sections, single or multiple curvature and integrated load introduction areas. Braiding will be useful for the net shaped preforming of more massive straight and curved profiles like frames and floor beams, as well as for drive shafts, rods and other pipe-like structures. The technology offers a high potential for the cost effective production of net shaped fibre preforms with respect to optimized load paths and light weight design. For the production of stringers, especially for those with double curvature, the so called Fibre Patch Placement FPP should be used to manufacture tailored non crimped multidirectional tapes . FPP works with spread and bindered rovings, which can be laid up in any desired angle and in uni- or multilayer configuration, according to the needs of the stringer design. The infiltration of the preforms is planned with RTM technology or with the so called Stacked Curing technique, an open mould infiltration technique which allows the simultaneous curing of up to 20 profiles in one shot in a tool with comparably low complexity.

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