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Interoperable Fare Management Project


ICT for Intelligent Vehicles and Mobility Services
Interoperable Fare Management Project: Be local everywhere

This project aims to make public transport more user-friendly by facilitating seamless accessibility to different public transport networks.In 2015 payment processes shall no longer be a barrier for the users of public transport.The objective of the "Interoperable Fare Management Project" (IFM Project) is to provide travellers with common styles of contact-less media throughout Europe which can be used for multiple transport products in different geographic areas and for sustainable modal switching, such as the use of "Park and Ride"- unlike existing smartcards which are restricted to specific city or regional geographies.The project is expected to significantly lower the barriers to mobility and encourage the use of public rather than private transport, contributing to a reduction of carbon emissions and a reduction or elimination of paper tickets, thus further enhancing the impact of smart media on environment and on the efficiency of public transport.It will be possible to tailor the media to assist specific groups (e.g. existing concessionary travellers, benefit recipients or part-time workers) thereby supporting the Social Inclusion Agenda.The project is based on delivering an ICT environment that supports nomadic passengers. It will be delivered through work packages covering trust modelling, privacy modelling, common applications and interoperable media, model of IFM organisations and supporting back office ICT system interfaces. It will be managed to ensure effective and efficient consensus and dissemination of best practice among all stakeholders.The project is designed to provide world leadership in its segment and to deliver results which can be transferred to areas outside of the transportation sector world-wide. It will allow manufacturers and suppliers to offer the end-to-end, lossless nature of IFM the platform and transactions in other fields, thereby reducing time to market and lowering the cost of implementing other comparable schemes.

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