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Identification of Priority RESearch TOpics for SME associations in the construction sector with a focus on new technologies in the Energy, ICT and New Materials domains


PRESTO aims at facilitating the identification of priority research topics for small and medium sized enterprises associations (hereinafter SMEsAs) -which in fact have a better capacity of influence than SMEs alone- by establishing a close and sustainable dialogue with ETPs. In order to conduct the activities contemplated by the project, PRESTO will approach four crucial industrial domains which play not only a remarkable role in the European economy, but also which are SMEs intensive sectors. Hence, PRESTO will address the construction sector and it will devote a specific focus on three construction-associated domains, namely: energy, information and communication technologies (ICT) and new materials. The first part of the project will be oriented towards the identification of both relevant SMEsAs as well as ETPs willing to collaborate with PRESTO. The goal will be to compose a core group -SMEsAs and ETPs- with which a close cooperation relationship will be established. Afterwards PRESTO will evaluate the research needs of SMEsAs in the construction sector as well as the technological offers where those needs can be better accommodated. The latter point will be articulated with a close dialogue with ETPs representatives. A further aim of the project will be to bring SMEsAs and ETPs a step closer and to favour the rapprochement of links of collaboration among them. PRESTO will produce an implementation strategy in order to appropriate conduct the cooperation relation between both parties. The strategy will have as one of its focal points the creation of SMEsAs Working Groups (WG) on ETPs. The main objective pursued by the establishment of such WGs will be to increase their leverage of SMEsAs and, hence, to gain influence in the decision-making organs of ETPs towards the formulation and shaping of ETPs' Strategic Research Agendas (SRA).

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