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Novel Intruder Detection & Authentication Optical Sensing Technology


iDetecT 4ALL addresses the urgent need for alerting technology for surveillance and intruders detection inside and in the surrounding of Critical Infrastructures (CI). The limited sensing capabilities as well as the very high cost of existing security equipment impose a barrier to implement necessary security means for ALL CIs with restricted areas including those having budget constrains. IDetecT 4ALL goal is to develop an innovative, Optical Intruder Sensing and Authentication Technology, that will dramatically improve the Cost/Performance ratio of security systems, thus becoming an enabler for the widespread availability of reliable and affordable security, leading to more CIs being protected. iDetecT 4ALL proposes to develop a novel Photonic Sensing technology based on an innovative approach utilizing ultra low cost electro-optical components. This novel approach enables to detect and Authenticate objects by a single sensor. The suggested concept is based on illuminating the protected area with invisible, modulated light, and by using a solid state scanning and detecting technique, to continuously monitor the 3D surface profile within the protected area. Presence and location of intruders will be detected from the variations inflicted on this 3D profile. By integrating additional novel optical ID tagging techniques onto authorized objects (personnel, vehicles and goods) the sensing technology will also be able to reliably identify, authenticate and alert real threats introduced by unauthorized intruders into restricted areas. This innovative approach is enabled by a recently invented efficient digital signal processing (DSP) technique enabling range measurement using continuous modulated invisible (or visible) light signals and requires far less peak power than Laser scanning technologies. To optimally steer and exploit the technological effort, four End Users, having different roles, at different EU Critical Infrastructures, partnered this consortium


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