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Supporting aWareness and Information dissemination activities for GMES Fast Track Services


GMES has a crucial role to play in the achievement of major high-level policy objectives such as Sustainable Development, The Common Foreign and Security Policy and the Lisbon Strategy. However, although information dissemination is a critical enabler for achieving the expected impacts of the FP7 Space Programme and of its individual components, GMES has suffered from a lack of awareness among EU citizens and policy makers. With the decision to award 3 Collaborative Projects in FP7 to further develop and sustain the (pre)operational GMES Fast Track Services, GMES has reached a key milestone in its development. This creates much more favourable conditions than ever for promoting GMES simultaneously among policy makers and EU citizens. The proposed Coordination and Support Action (SWIFT) has two major objectives. The first objective is to provide the three FTS Collaborative Projects as well as Pilot Projects with the necessary expertise and support services to maximise and add value to their dissemination activities. The second objective is to support the European Commission for the promotion of the GMES initiative as a whole. In the first phase of the project, the nature and number of communication and dissemination actions to be undertaken by SWIFT will be agreed with the FTS Consortia, the Pilot Projects Consortia and the European Commission. This list of actions will be reviewed regularly and updated when necessary during the project. Their practical implementation will involve a wide range of dissemination and promotional means such as press conferences, multimedia presentations, exhibitions booths, press articles, website, online scientific and educative fora, posters and flyers. The project will be performed by a well-balanced Consortium of communication professionals and staff with an in-depth knowledge of the GMES initiative.

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