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Multifunctional DNA light-switches: sensors and devices


Photoactive mono- and oligonuclear transition metal complexes containing DNA intercalative ligands will be synthesized. In the latter case, both homo- and heterometallic complexes will be synthesized. The photophysical properties of the complexes will be exploited to produce a number of outcomes: prototypical sensors for DNA sequences and/or structures that will produce a luminescent output on DNA binding, tools for investigating DNA/substrate binding events and the photophysical/electronic properties of DNA. The synthesis of multi-functional probes will also be investigated; e.g. DNA light-switches that also cleave DNA (directly OR through singlet oxygen sensitizing) and/or display cytotoxicity. To fully understand the properties of the new systems and their interaction with DNA studies will encompass a wide spectrum of techniques from time resolved optical spectroscopy, to calorimetry and in cellulo studies.

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Firth Court Western Bank
S10 2TN Sheffield
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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€ 169 957,94
Administrative Contact
Gill Wells (Ms.)