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Imaging light evoked activity at different strata of the mammalian retina


"The mammalian visual system analyzes the world through a set of separate spatio-temporal channels. The organization of these channels begins in the retina where the precise laminations of both the axon terminals of bipolar cells and the dendritic arbors of ganglion cells form a vertical stack of neural strata at the inner plexiform layer. A major challenge is to understand how the different ""visual features"" extracted by different retinal ganglion cell types are computed by each, ganglion cell type specific, circuitry at different depths in the inner plexiform layer. My specific research aim is to use in vivo electroporated, genetically encoded fluorescent activity reporters in subtypes of inner retinal cells to image in real-time the patterns of light evoked activity at the dendritic or axonal processes of the labeled cells using two-photon microscopy. My goal is to understand the ""rules"" of local activities in different strata of the mammalian inner retina."

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Novartis Forschungsstiftung
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