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Fibre Optics-Based Intelligent MONItoring and Assessment System for Proactive Maintenance and Seismic Disaster Prevention in Reinforced COncrete Tunnel Linings


Manny planned tunnels are in countries of high seismicity with several Km under densely populated areas requiring high safety standards. Structural sensing with remotely interrogated fibre optic deformation sensors has a large potential usage on extended structures such as tunnels where it can be the basis for condition assessment. For this, algorithms for structural health assessment of tunnels under operating and seismic loads need to be developed. New technologies are being developed continuously in the optical sensing area. It is important that existing and emerging fibre optics based deformation technologies be evaluated and optimised so that alone or in combination can provide optimal performance in the structural sensing of tunnels. The aim in MONICO is to provide the participating SMEs (in the fibre optic structural sensing field) with a package that will include an optimized fibre optics based deformation-sensing system for the real-time measurement of deformations of reinforced concrete linings in tunnels and a Decision-Support-System (DSS) for proactive maintenance and earthquake risk management that will assess the structural reliability of the monitored lining under operating and seismic loads. MONICO comprises development of: 1. An optimised fibre optics based deformation monitoring system with wireless communication capabilities that can monitor at seismic frequencies 2. Models that based on deformation measurements in ‘1’ will assess the local and global structural reliability of monitored tunnel cross sections under operating and seismic loads 3. A DSS with the above models and expert system technology 4. An integrated package of the DSS in ‘3’ and the system in ‘1’ The sensing system and seismic vulnerability model will be evaluated experimentally. With this package the SMEs will expand their market by offering additional products and services in the same and new countries and get financial benefits from the distribution of results to oth

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