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New E-Services for a dietary approach to the elderly


Most nutraceutical SMEs have a limited access to the information needed for identifying the impact of their product at nutritional level. Also, the need of more personalized diets is an urgent requirement of EU healthcare systems,particularly for ageing and elderly people(EP).Nutraceuticals have different constraints not homogeneously defined in the EU Member States(MS)and their efficacy is always subordinate to the quality of the usual diet in different cultural scenarios.As a result,nutraceuticals are difficult to customize upon the needs of a specific market user, such as the EP, and their market is quite slow and fragmented. In response to these challenges,the goal of RISTOMED is to develop a new e-Health service for EP that will enable participant SMEs to penetrate the EP consumers market with the production of an innovative diet model. Biotech nutraceuticals,specifically designed and efficaciously delivered to the EP, will be integrated in biotech/ICT strategies coping with the complexity of nutritional specific requirements. RISTOMED brings together 8 partners distributed in 5 countries with a good balance between SMEs and RTDPs.In RISTOMED 3 biotech SMEs will collaborate with 4 RTDPs to solve the common problem of delivering innovative nutraceuticals for the control and prevention of the age-related diseases throughout new E-Health services.These services consist in the delivery of recipes and procedures containing nutraceuticals and probiotics specifically designed for EP and institutions dealing with EP throughout a new IT RISTOMED web platform(RWP).RWP will be developed by the ICT SME leading the consortium. The project result is expected to have a significant impact on the competitiveness of SME participants that will be able to expand their business by proposing to the market not only nutraceuticals but an integrated solution to better manage the diet and nutritional needs of EP to contrast inflammation,oxidative stress and gut microbiota alteration.

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