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Contenuto archiviato il 2024-05-29

Theoretical analysis of nonperturbative QCD effects in heavy quark systems


The project is aimed at the theoretical analysis of the effects of strong interactions in weak processes with hadrons containing the heavy beauty b-quark. Weak interactions of the b-quark give a possibility to probe a fundamental property of nature - a difference between matter and antimatter, known as CP violation. They also allow a measurement of the unknown parameters of the Standard Model describing the mixing between the heavy and the light quarks, and open a window to physics beyond the Standard Model.

In order to test the Standard Model in the b-physics experiments, one needs to separate relatively simple weak interactions of the b-quark from its complicated strong interactions. The latter are related to the confinement of the b-quark in a had ron and are the subject of non-perturbative quantum chromodynamics (QCD). The non-perturbative QCD effects pose the main difficulty for the theoretical description of weak processes with beauty hadrons. In spite of the great progress in the theoretical study of non-perturbative QCD effects in heavy-quark systems, a dramatic increase of the oncoming data demands a higher accuracy of the theoretical predictions.

The novel feature of this project is combining several methods for non-perturbative QCD. The basis for our analysis is provided by the recently demonstrated correspondence between QCD sum-rules and effective constituent quark models, which prompts the optimal choice of the QCD sum rule parameters for heavy quark systems. The results from the optimised QCD sum rule analysis will be used to control the chiral and heavy-quark extrapolations necessary for treating beauty hadrons in lattice QCD. As the result, we expect considerable improvements of the predictions from all these methods.

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