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Towards a common e-Science infrastrcucture for the European and Asian Grids

Descrizione del progetto

Studies, conferences and coordination actions supporting policy development, including international cooperation, for e-Infrastructures

The EUAsiaGrid proposal contributes to the aims of the EU Research Infrastructures FP7 Programme by "promoting international interoperation between similar infrastructures with the aim of reinforcing the global relevance and impact of European e-Infrastructures".The project's main goal will be to pave the way towards an Asian e-Science Grid Infrastructure, in synergy with the other European Grid initiatives in Asia, namely EGEE-III via its Asia Federation, and both the EUChinaGRID and EU-IndiaGRID projects and their eventual follow on efforts.Taking advantage of the existing global Grid technologies, with the specific emphasis on the European experience with the gLite middleware and applications running on top of it, the project plans to encourage federating approaches across scientific disciplines and communities.EUAsiaGrid will act as a support action, aiming to define and implement a policy to promote the gLite middleware developed within the EU EGEE project across Asian countries.Its main actions will be to spread dissemination, provide training, support scientific applications and monitor the results.

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CSA - Coordination and support action


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