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euroFOT (European Field Operational Test on Active Safety Functions in vehicles)


ICT for Cooperative Systems

The Intelligent Car Initiative has identified road safety, energy efficiency, and traffic congestion as the main challenges currently being faced by European transportation. Despite their severity, these issues may be improved with the use of new in-vehicle technologies currently not available in the market. However, implementing new technologies implies a risk to manufacturers. Factors such as different markets, user acceptance, and real-world driving conditions are difficult to assess before in-the-field testing. This restricts our capabilities for making the correct business and political decisions for deployment, and for understanding which aspects would benefit from further development the most.
The goal of EuroFOT is to identify and coordinate an in-the-field testing of new Intelligent Vehicle Systems with the potential for improving the quality of European road traffic. This permits assessing their effectiveness on actual roads, while determining how they perform towards the intended objectives. In addition, this offers an early publicity of the technologies, and enables the analysis of the user acceptance and its subsequent potential for market penetration.
This will be accomplished through a series of discrete steps. First, EuroFOT will specify a test plan identifying proper driving scenarios, factors with maximum safety potential, and expected results. Subsequent steps will involve the recruitment and training of customers, with the necessary installation of data loggers into their vehicles. In this way, customers will drive and collect data under normal driving conditions.
During the final section, EuroFOT will analyse both objective and subjective data describing the driver behaviour and adaptation, vehicle dynamics, and system acceptance. This will permit EuroFOT to be considered representative of ordinary driving conditions in European roads, and ultimately evaluate the overall effectiveness and feasibility of Intelligent Vehicle Systems.

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