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GNSS-enabled Services Convergence


To unlock the potential of the service infrastructures being rolled out at European level and to fully leverage and exploit the value that GALILEO and EGNOS bring, need the specifications and tools for certification at the technical level and at the procedural levels, that lie at the basis of an interoperable market for converged GNSS-enabled services.
The GSC proposes a new effort for establishing conditions for an open and competitive mass market of GNSS-enabled road transport services. It will be through the establishment of such a mass market that the value that GALILEO and EGNOS can be fully leveraged.
The project steps will, among others, include the following:
- Define a role model and technical architecture for interoperability and convergence of services, that ensure the concept of GNSS-enabled services can be implemented, demonstrated and validated at the technical and operational level (with 3rd party service providers)
- Implement the in-vehicle and proxy part of the platform and service infrastructure that can be used for demonstration in field trials
- Run dedicated EGNOS and GALILEO tests in a dedicated GALILEO test centre (GATE) with prototyped platforms that will be provided – according to the ‘service aggregator / toll service provider’ role – by three different partners and demonstrate and validate the differentiating value that EGNOS and GALILEO can bring to a range of road sector applications
- Demonstrate with end-users in a Field Trial the prototyped platforms and prototyped applications including interoperable road charging, speed alert and other road sector services to validate user perception and impact of the GNSS-enabled services concept
- Perform a validation activity that is integrated in the project’s methodology throughout the project’s lifetime resulting in cross GNSS-technology validations (with and without EGNOS or GALILEO) and in cross field trial comparisons (Sweden and GATE in Germany)

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