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"""Malopolska Researchers' Night 2008"""


Want to see an actual researcher in action? Want to delve into the secrets of scientific laboratories? This is your second chance in as many years to meet face-to-face with researchers! On this particular night, researchers will come out of the confines of their laboratories and lecture halls, to show their other–“human”–face. They will present themselves as ordinary people with great passions. The public will have the opportunity to meet researchers in unusual situations and in out-of-the-ordinary places, while researchers will be given the chance to overcome stereotypes by casting themselves in new roles: as theatre actors, painters, movie makers, directors, collectors or history lovers. Become a researcher! This unique night will provide you with an opportunity to turn your dreams into reality! On 26 September 2008 best laboratories will, as they did last year, open their doors to the public. Each participant in Malopolska Researchers’ Night 2008 will have the opportunity to carry out exciting demonstrations and experiments, participate in workshops and competitions and attend fascinating lectures; in a word, to step for a moment into the shoes of a researcher. Researchers’ Night 2008 will feature many new events compared to last year in order to attract an even larger audience. There will be enough variety for everyone to find something interesting to do. This year’s Researchers’ Night will also feature a new venue (“Researchers' Stop”) – the city of Tarnow, a new but rapidly growing research centre in Malopolska Voivodeship. Researchers’ Night is becoming a regular fixture on Malopolska’s calendar of events. The event corresponds well to Krakow’s character and that of the entire region which functions as the academic and scientific heartland of southern Poland. The region owes its allure not only to splendid monuments and charming atmosphere but also to the presence of internationally renowned researchers. So prepare yourself for a night full of surprises!

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Basztowa, 22
PL31-156 Krakow

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Makroregion południowy Małopolskie Miasto Kraków
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Public bodies (excluding Research Organisations and Secondary or Higher Education Establishments)
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Joanna Domanska (Ms.)
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