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Integrated Micro-Nano-Opto Fluidic systems for high-content diagnosis and studies of rare cancer cells


The project aims at developing a new integrated and automated microfluidic tool for cancer cells screening. This instrument will have a reliability and power much beyond state of the art (capture yield increased by a factor from 10X to 100X and multimodal typing of the cells in 3D high resolution images), allowing earlier and more accurate diagnosis, prognosis and selection of treatments of cancers. CaMiNEMS’s new approach will involve a new generation of bio-functionalised multifunctional magnetic nano and microparticles which will be self-assembled by a Hierarchial Templated Self-Assembly mechanism into high-aspect ratio reversible arrays. For highly automated molecular typing of cancers, this key innovation will be integrated with a unique fully automated flow control system working from nanolitres to millilitres and with innovative nano-optics tools and image analysis software. Technological developments will be validated regarding the analysis of circulating tumour cells or “micrometastases” and the molecular typing of minimally invasive microsamples from tumours. The project will also yield new tools for research and drug-discovery, allowing for the first time to study at the single molecule scale in single cancer cells from patients the fate and action of new generation anticancer drugs using innovative dynamic tracking of Quantum dots. To combine research excellence and societal impact, the consortium involves research groups with complementary competences in microfluidics, nano-optics, biophysics, nanoparticles, biochemistry, informatics, several forefront cancer centres for clinical validation and a research-intensive SME for exploitation.

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