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Intelligent personal protective clothing for the use with high-power hand-held laser processing devices


Prosys-Laser is dedicated to develop highly innovative “passive” and “active” laser protective clothing for the use with hand-held laser processing devices (HLD), which are not available on the market today. Major project objectives are: a) Open new markets for high performance PPE and its testing, especially enforcing participating SME to widen their product range and directly benefit from project developments and prototypes. b) Sustain the growth of laser technology by providing means for the safe use of innovative developments such as hand-held laser devices for material processing and high power lasers with high brightness. c) Minimize health risks for operators of HLDs and consequently reduce the number of related accidents. d) Initiate and contribute to standardizing process regarding laser PPE and its testing procedures. The project combines successfully innovative laser technology with high performance textile technology. This is also reflected in the consortium containing 9 SME, which represents a goal-orientated combination of different competences and skills. Key developments are: a) Passive functional multi-layer technical textiles, providing a high level of passive laser resistance. b) Active functional multi-layer textiles incorporating sensors which detect laser exposure and, by means of a safety control, deactivate the laser beam automatically. c) Test methods and testing set-ups to qualify passive and active functional technical textiles and tailored PPE (e.g. gloves), respectively. Major impacts can be expected on the Lead Market Initiative: a) Create new high-performance PPE products for highly innovative laser industry and reach the goal of approx. 50% increase in PPE industry revenues in Europe. b) Increase HLD use and therefore EU productivity regarding the HLD market by more than 50%. c) Reduce accidents and society costs. d) Strengthen the market by standardization activities. e) Enhance a high-tech, knowledge-based industry driven by SME.

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