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The long-term objective of VINNMER-PEOPLE is to significantly contribute to the career development of more research-qualified future leaders. One systemic weakness which has been identified is that relatively few women are qualifying in comparison with men. VINNMER-PEOPLE is being implemented in order to promote women’s qualification routes. In accordance with the research bill, VINNOVA has allocated resources for the period 2007-2014 exceeding SEK € 55 million. VINNMER-PEOPLE will promote qualification and career development for people running needs-driven research within VINNOVA’s fields of activity in collaboration between academia, industry and/or the public sector. VINNMER-PEOPLE will add substantially to the international part and profile including its funding structure for trans-national mobility. VINNMER-PEOPLE has been tuned to mimic the individual fellowship schemes, mainly the IEF, IIF and OIF, under the People programme in FP7 in order to utilise the familiarity built up under the Marie Curie brand. VINNMER-PEOPLE will strongly emphasise the commitment of the host milieu to engage in the recruitment of the individual researcher. Therefore the host milieu has to commit them self financially to support part of the salary 33% or 50%, depending on action. All international actions are expected to run for three years. To summarize the some of the main features of the proposed programme: • VINNMER-PEOPLE has three different actions. 1. Incoming highly experienced international researcher (>10years). 2. Incoming international experienced researcher. 3. Outgoing international experienced researcher. • Pre-application grants. • Tutoring support for PhD’s at distance. • Follow-up of the career plan together with the applicant R&I milieu. • Networking activities for all participants under VINNMER-PEOPLE. • Interactive research is planned to be initiated during 2008 to develop VINNMER-PEOPLE.

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MC-COFUND - Co-funding of Regional, National and International Programmes (COFUND)


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10158 Stockholm
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Public bodies (excluding Research Organisations and Secondary or Higher Education Establishments)
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€ 4 984 130
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Erik Litborn (Dr.)