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Women’s careers hitting the target: gender management in scientific and technological research


This project (duration: 31 months) concerns the experimentation of gender diversity management policies in different kinds of organisations conducting scientific and technological research (STR). It consists of a coordinated set of activities. It will primarily provide for a review on the main areas of risk for gender diversity in research settings as well as on the correspondent “ regimes” to cope with them that will allow the drafting of the provisional version of guidelines to be used for the implementation of experimental activities. These guidelines will be discussed in 3 interactive workshops, involving, representatives of both institutions which promoted some of the experiences previously analysed and research organisations potentially interested in launching programmes on gender diversity management. Special attention will be devoted to promote an exchange among universities, other kinds of public centres and private companies. Starting from the workshops’ outputs, experimental initiatives will be undertaken in 3 organisations, including both the direct promotion of new programmes and the support to programmes promoted by the organisation. The involved organisations will be provided with advice and technical assistance by the consortium members. During the experimentation, a joint working seminar will be conducted. Special attention will be given to the mutual relationships between the different kinds of actions on gender diversity management as well as on their capacity to generate a real “regime” for the promotion of gender diversity. On the basis of the experimental initiatives, the guidelines will be revised and presented at a European level conference and then disseminated. Different targets, also including non-scientific actors, will be taken into account, in order to increase the impacts of the project. A website will be created and an electronic newsletter will be published. Moreover, a policy brief on the project will be drafted.

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