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ADVance Integrated composite TailCone

Periodic Report Summary 3 - ADVITAC (ADVance Integrated composite TailCone)

Project Context and Objectives:
Following the Strategic Research Agenda top objectives namely to meet society’s need and to achieve global leadership for Europe, our consortium propose to address a set of solutions regarding to the following High Level Target Concepts; the cost efficiency air transport system HLTC and the Ultra green air transport system HLTC.

ADVanced Integrated Composite Tail Cone deals with aircraft composite structure development and production. The tailcone part has a very special location regarding to aircraft systems. Tail cone is together a component of the aircraft fuselage (ATA 54) and also an interface of the Auxiliary Power System (ATA 49). . ADVITAC project aims at federating a consortium which has an overview of all the set of problems concerning tailcone structure and APU integration. Significant weight and cost savings are expected after all partners’ issues have been consolidated in a design to cost approach.

Project Results:
1. A full integrated Tail Cone composite structure has been designed, including
* Full CAD structure + integration
* Calculation dossier
* Main functions validated on coupons
* Engine noise simulation + acoustical solutions benchmark
2. A full scale demonstrator of the tail cone structure has been manufactured
* including a technological maturity readiness increase trough small scale demonstrators
3. Major maturity readiness increase has been achieved on the dry fiber placement technology:
* DFP / infusion material allowables, thanks to characterization performed on coupons
* process maturity increase thanks small scale demonstrators (validation before tail cone manufacturing)
* interaction rules optimization between DFP and design
4. Major maturity readiness increase has been achieved on Z reinforcement technology: tufting of stiffeners for the demonstrators
5. Major maturity readiness increase has been achieved on low cost composites infusion tools
6. Scientific progress has been achieved on new technologies such as:
* infusion of resin doped with nanotubes or graphen,
* use of nanotube buckypaper to answer fire proof-ness and lightning strike
* use of Bragg fiber technology to monitor infusion and loads in the manufactured structure

Potential Impact:
Contribution to achieve global leadership for Europe:
According to SRA 2 the aeronautic sector forecasts over the next decades indicate that both passenger and freight traffic is expected to increase at an average of 4 to 5 % p.a. that implies a doubling traffic about every 16 years. This represents a huge market opportunity for the next decade.

ADVITAC expected final result is to provide a scale one demonstrator integrating equipments but also very innovative technologies that:

* Demonstrate a cost efficient innovative manufacturing solution involving new tech-nologies
* Federate a competitive European supply chain enabling management of complex project and product.

Contribution to meet society’s need:

Global warming and noise are typical issues that Air Transport Industry has to take into account in order to meet society’s need.

* To reduce fuel consumption and hence CO2 emissions by 50% per passenger-kilometre: ADVITAC tailcone is expected to be 10% less heavy than classical composite structure. Since, the tailcone can be considered as a subcomponent of the fuselage; this means that any innovation or concept evaluated and enhanced have a potential application on the entire composite fuselage.

* To reduce external noise by 10 EPNdB per operation of fixed-wing aircraft: ADVITAC manufactures new generation of composite architecture allowing intensive function integration.

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