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Developing Nonlinear Tools for Environmental Modeling and Chemoinformatics


We propose the development of nonlinear tools for Environmental Modeling and Chemoinformatics. The methods and tools developed will be applied to modeling environmental changes in the Baltic Sea. The applicant will join the Centre of Excellence in Adaptive Informatics (AI) of the Academy of Finland, Department of Information and Computer Science, Helsinki University of Technology, under the supervision of Dr. Amaury Lendasse, Docent and Senior Researcher, head of the Time Series Prediction and Chemoinformatics Group. Dr. Lendasse is also an associate member of Statistique Appliquée et Modélisation Stochastique, Université Paris I--Panthón Sorbonne, led by Prof. Marie Cottrell. A multidisciplinary approach is proposed, involving time series prediction, feature selection and dimension reduction, Environmental Modeling and Chemoinformatics. The research will be done in cooperation with other groups of the AI Centre as well as researchers from a number of countries, in particular Prof. Michel Verleysen, Machine Learning Group at the Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium;Docent Ilppo Vuorinen, Archipelago Research Institute at the University of Turku, Finland, and Docent Satu-Pia Reinikainen, Laboratory of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry at the Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland. During the project, the applicant will spent 6 to 8 weeks per year in the Archipelago Research Institute at the University of Turku. The applicant is currently a Ph.D. student at University of Seville, Spain. He is also with the Spanish Research Council, where he works as a junior researcher towards his PhD. His thesis defense is scheduled for November, 2008. He has already visited the host group in summer 2007 and spring 2008. The methods and tools developed will be a significant contribution to Chemoinfomatics, in the line of the Obernai declaration (2006). Immediate applications of this research will have a direct impact in forecasting environmental changes in the Baltic region. This is of special relevance in the context of the EU Water Framework Directive.

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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Amaury Lendasse (Dr.)
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€ 169 150,52