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Ontologies for European Laws in Executable format


The aim of the ONE-LEX project is to provide principled support to the informational-unification of the laws of Europe, that is to facilitate access, integration and reuse of legal information pertaining to the member states and to the European Union. In particular, the project focuses on shared or interoperable standards for legal information, in order to enable its access, communication, processing, and integration through Internet-based technologies.
Such standard need to address different aspects of lega l information:
(a) The structure legal documents;
(b) Legal references;
(c) Changes in the law:(c) Conceptual classifications;
(d) Executable representations of legal knowledge. The research will be developed at two levels: a theoretical-technological level and a doctrinal- organisational level. At the theoretical-technological level, the research will aim at studying, analysing comparing and proposing standards for the representation of legal information in computable formats (like XML), and its access over the Internet. This will require the combination of foundational inquiry in legal theory and technological-research in legal informatics. At the doctrinal- organisational level the research aims at analysing the legal issues which are involved in providing legal information over the internet, and at identifying best practices for ensuring that European citizens and institutions have access to legal contents, through the combined effort of public institutions and private organisations.

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