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Interregional Multidisciplinary Researches’ Night Researchers and Citizens in Interaction


The RN Share Brains will invite all citizens as parent, student, company director, teacher, granny, etc. to spend an academic, educational and entertaining night together with researchers on Friday, the 25th of September, 2009. Based on previous experiences and a high impact reached, the Share Brains can guarantee an attractive, well balanced programme between highly scientific and academic but also popular issues including attractions, fun and entertainment linked to researchers and their work in benefit for all of us. Researchers are given voice and face as they will be put in star roles in spotlights as speakers, performers, guides, animators, singers, show masters, jury members etc. always in interaction with citizens. Improved interactivity and finetuning will be considered real issues here. Share Brains will apply new ways of being interactive during the event, but also during the planning phase and in the awareness campaign; the use of social media, blogs and other digital media will increase the degree of interactive participation and sharing views and visions in advance. It is also the young people and children we want to attract; they will complete the industrial revolution and lead Europe into the phase of knowledge based society. We now live the digital turn and know virtual worlds, but the future research will open doors which we now can not imagine yet. Share Brains will demonstrate how fascinating and highly interesting the work of a researcher can be. People can meet researches as common people, just as “one of us”, they can be met in living labs, on the stages, exhibition places, panel discussions, sofa-corners, around coffee tables and in the streets and on science paths. The Share Brains –project will build up a holistic, interdisciplinary event, a mini-world, where researchers represent technology, economy, humanities, industrial design etc. "Imagine! Create! Innovate! is imperative now. ShareBrains wants to build up a matrix of sharing.

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