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Sustainability of eInfrastructures across the Mediterranean

Descrizione del progetto

Studies, conferences and coordination actions supporting policy development in the context of international cooperation for e-Infrastructures

EUMEDGRID-Support aims at reinforcing the relevance of European e-Infrastructures in the Mediterranean and Middle-east regions. The project will build on the results obtained by EUMEDCONNECT/ EUMEDCONNECT2 and the preceding project EUMEDGRID, which successfully deployed a research and education network and a pilot Grid infrastructure, respectively, presently covering almost all the Mediterranean Area. An agreement has been signed among the EUMEDGRID partners to keep open, to the best of their capabilities, the existing Infrastructure and EUMEDGRID-Support wants, not only to consolidate and expand it, but also to make a step forward towards its sustainability.The overarching objective of EUMEDGRID-Support is to retain the European and Mediterranean country dialogue achieved in the past as well as to increase stakeholders' and community awareness on the fundamental importance of e-Infrastructures in the Mediterranean and on their sustainability.The project will use the consolidated schema of a two-fold approach: A bottom-up, raising the awareness of researchers, students and technical personnel, which will exploit the usage of e-Infrastructures in their work and appreciate their value, and a top-down approach at the high policy-level highlighting the benefits and justifying the necessity of e-Infrastructures to influential stakeholders in order to push for a long term stability and sustainability of such e-Infrastructures.

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