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Personalized Environmental Service Configuration and Delivery Orchestration

Descrizione del progetto

ICT for environmental services and climate change adaptation

There is an increasing need to orchestrate environmental services located on the Web to enable personalised decision support or to provide tailored environmental information. The reasons are multi-fold, for instance, there is only a partial coverage of the environmental conditions given by one provider, however, the environmental information provided must be of high-quality standard. Furthermore, there are often contractual restrictions to provide complementary external data for the top parameters. Users also face contradictory information from several sources and difficulties in information assessment for decision making. Based upon recent works and the application of innovative technologies, PESCaDO significantly advances the state-of-the-art and aims at the following five objectives: 1. Consider alternative services on the Web or the best complementary service to be chained to their own service or to be used as a decision support service. 2. Assess the confidence in the service's data and offer reliable metrics of the degradation of data uncertainty in complex service node constellations 3. Enable dynamic selection and connection of nodes based on quality, content or the service chain configurations. 4. Integrate the user into the process of service orchestration and information delivery. 5. Treat service orchestration in connection with user decision support. PESCaDO develops environmental node discovery techniques based on advanced domain-specific Web search engines and multilingual analysis to derive the functional and qualitative coverage of the nodes. The reliability of the services and the uncertainty of the direct or propagated data will be assessed by confidence and data uncertainty metrics, among others derived from Fuzzy Theory. PESCaDO targets service orchestration, guided by the quality and content of service nodes and context criteria for decision support. Users are involved in the entire process. Their output is personalized in form and language.

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CP - Collaborative project (generic)


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