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eSafety Challenge and Awareness Raising

Descrizione del progetto

ICT for Safety and Energy Efficiency in Mobility

eSafety Challenge aims to promote the deployment and use of Intelligent Vehicle Systems to enhance road safety in Europe. This will be achieved through eSafety awareness campaigning directed towards end users and policy makers.
The project's specific objectives are to:
• Promote the deployment and use of Intelligent Vehicle Systems• Support the implementation process for priority systems• Promote public outreach activities• Report on and support international eSafety activities• Organise eSafety awareness raising events
The project will support the aim of the Intelligent Car Initiative to accelerate the deployment of eSafety systems as well as the activities of the eSafety Forum. eSafety Challenge will achieve these goals through a three pillar structure:
• Organisation of yearly eSafety Challenge events• National eSafety demonstration events• Awareness campaigns targeting end users and policy makers.
eSafety Challenge will strengthen the activities of the eSafety deployment initiatives through a close cooperation with the eSafety Forum stakeholders.
As the road transport needs are currently developing at a fast pace, during the two years of the project, the stakeholders of the eSafety Forum will be consulted regarding the posibility of including other focus areas in the three pillars of eSafety Challenge. Such additional areas could include on-board eco-driving systems as well as other ICT related systems targeted at clean and efficient mobility. These deployment steps will be carefully planned with the experts of the eSafety Forum to ensure a correct response to the realities of road transport needs.

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