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Cognitive distortions in eating disorders: Development and application of a model for thought-shape fusion


Cognitive distortions are characterized by faulty, irrational thought processes, and are characteristic of psychopathology. Within the past decade, new research has emerged that suggests that there is a specific cognitive distortion associated with eating disorders. This distortion has been identified as ‘thought-shape fusion’ (TSF), and is associated with the belief that just thinking about eating fattening foods can lead to weight gain, feelings of fatness, and perceived moral wrong-doing. The experience of TSF can, in turn, have an impact on cognitions and behavior. The clinical significance and implications of this cognitive distortion have yet to be systematically studied; however, it has been suggested that identifying and addressing distortions such as TSF may be beneficial for the sizeable number of individuals with eating disorders who do not respond well to therapy. The proposed project will involve carrying out a series of three studies to investigate the mechanisms underlying cognitive distortions, and the role that TSF plays in eating disorders. The major breakthrough that is anticipated as a result of the project is the validation of a proposed model of TSF, and confirmation that addressing specific components of this model in a brief intervention can reduce the experience of TSF. The experimental approach taken into this novel research area provides a cost-effective approach for the study of cognitive distortions. These findings will provide a significant advance in the existing knowledge of cognitive distortions and thought processes relating to eating disorders, and can ultimately provide critical insights for future research investigating treatment and prevention of eating disorders. The proposed fellowship will provide the researcher, Dr. Jennifer Coelho, with the opportunity to develop her clinical research skills, build on her knowledge of statistical analysis techniques, and foster a new collaborative network.

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