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Biodiesel production from microalgae


The proposed research bridges the gap between science and technology and targets one of the main challenges of our epoch, namely clean energy. According to the Kyoto Protocol, emissions of greenhouse gases should be reduced by at least 5% compared to 1990 levels, during the period 2008-2012. To meet this goal, the European Union has agreed to attain by 2010 a minimum penetration of 12% of renewable energy sources. Of special concern is the transport sector which heavily depends on petroleum products although alternative forms of renewable energy, such as solar, are gaining importance, these forms of energy are useful mainly for electricity generation. A promising source of raw biomass for diesel production is microalgae. Microalgal biodiesel properties are very close to those of petroleum diesel. Microalgae can produce triglycerides up to 30 times faster than any terrestrial oil seed crops used today. Furthermore, microalgal biofuel production will not drive up food prices as occurred with other crops. Selected species of microalgae grow at high rates and can thrive on sea, brackish or wastewater but not freshwater (a scarce resource). The main objectives of the proposed work are: to identify those microalgae species that are suitable candidates for biodiesel production, to improve the understanding of the main mechanisms driving formation of microalgal triglycerides and how they are affected by different environmental factors in selected species, to optimize the triglycerides productivity in pilot scale microalgae cultures using mathematical model and experimental data and to increase the knowledge in the scientific community on how to make microalgal biodiesel both economically and energetically feasible. The proposed project will provide the European Union the required knowledge to develop next generation biofuels which will promote supply security, reduce greenhouse gases emission, increase oil source diversity and reduce climate change impact.

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