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An economic analysis of the rise in obesity


The proposed research aims at understanding the causes of obesity, addressing the problem from different angles, with an interdisciplinary perspective, involving both social epidemiology and economics.

The research will address the effects of obesity on economic behaviour. It will work out differences across countries in the association of obesity with socioeconomic characteristics. It will address how obesity in children and adolescents relates to parental characteristics and context, as well as medical conditions early on in the life of children. It will analyse how individual obesity is related to obesity in peer groups.

Research will be mostly empirical, and exploit information in large survey data sets of different types. To accomplish the project, Ms Cornaglia will spend two years in the Department of Economics at UCL. This is a leading institution for Applied Economics and Econometrics in Europe. The department and its associated research centres do not only provide the expertise, but also the facilities and infrastructure to conduct top academic research of this kind.

The project will give an important stimulus to Ms Cornaglia's academic career. She will be able to draw on the unique expertise at UCL on the various aspects important for her project, build strategic links, and launch joint projects with other researchers. The existing links between the departments of economic and epidemiology, facilitated by her advisor Dr Adda who has a joint appointment, are important for research of the type suggested.

The current project may also have beneficial spill-overs towards the creation of scientific links between UCL and Ms Cornaglia's home university, the University of Turin, to which Ms Cornaglia intend to return at the end of the project, thus contributing to the regional policy of the European Community.


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