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Precision lattice QCD calculations


The research project aims to further unveil the structure of hadrons and to perform precision determination of the strong coupling constant. This will be mainly done by means of Monte Carlo simulations of lattice QCD with either N(f)=2 or N(f)=2+1 clover-type Wilson fermions.

Our investigation of the hadronic structure will focus on moments of distribution amplitudes, for example, of the Lambda or Sigma baryons. This arises as a natural continuation of former studies for mesons and the nucleon and will further broaden our knowledge on hard exclusive reactions. As an application a study of the Lambda and Sigma electromagnetic form factors is planned.

To extract the strong coupling constant we will apply two distinct methods: Method A employs a coupling defined in Landau gauge in a minimal momentum subtraction scheme that has been developed recently by the applicant and his collaborators, and for which the beta function of the associated running coupling is known up to four-loop order. Method B will be that of a previous determination by the QCDSF collaboration but for N(f)=2+1 fermion flavours. Both methods we will applied to the same sets of N(f)=2+1 gauge configurations currently generated by the QCDSF collaborations. This will allow us not only to get, eventually, a precise estimate for alpha(s) at the Z boson mass for Wilson-type fermions but also to get a handle on the systematic errors inherent in different approaches.

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