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Aftermath Crisis Management System-of-systems Demonstration


Crisis management (CM) is a core capability of modern societies, but a highly diversified and heterogeneous area. Current CM in the EU can be regarded as a “system-of-systems” integrating diverse organisations and components with different cultures, policies and assets, and various stakeholders and procurement schemes. ACRIMAS understands the term “system-of-systems” that it incorporates technology, procedures, organisational concepts, and human factors. ACRIMAS addresses this complexity by proposing a pragmatic CM integration process for the Demonstration Phase II implementation.
ACRIMAS is based on wide multi-competence coverage, addressing organisational and legislative frameworks, situational awareness, decision support, logistics, communications, training and exercises, restoration of services and media involvement. ACRIMAS follows a practical, user-centric and scenario-based approach. It will lead to the validation of shared user needs and the definition of a demonstration and assessment method with associated metrics to define a continuous process of capability improvements. End-users, groups, SME, research bodies and governments will be involved to warrant the quality of work and the effectiveness of the dissemination activities.
The outcomes of ACRIMAS will be the definition and preparation of this method, documented in a roadmap (Phase I) that will prepare the actual demonstrations and experiments (Phase II). The final objective is to enable a gradual evolvement of CM capabilities, procedures, technologies, policies and standards through real field tests, facilitating European wide collaboration, cooperation and communication in CM and improving cross-fertilisation between MS organisations. The impact of ACRIMAS will provide a solid basis for the description of Phase II, as well as the sequencing and description of the research areas for the future Security Work Programmes. Moreover, ACRIMAS will contribute to a qualified EU wide awareness in the domain.

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