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EUTV – Adaptive Channels in Europe


The EUTV project designs and develops an open source framework to provide a portal that ag-gregates multimedia information streams coming from podcasts, media RSS, and publicly available audio and video sources and develop personalised, adaptive and topic-oriented chan-nels for professionals and consumers. This framework will build-in profile-based access to in-formation, content and services, which not only bring together and extend several state-of-the-art technologies for information access, but also conform to standards and guidelines available for accessibility, usability, scalability and adaptability. Our modern use of multimedia information requires that information and services accommodate different presentations and interaction designs at the user interface level, on the basis of re-quirements that include user needs, preferences, personalisation, customisation, adaptation and constraints; characteristics of the tasks to be performed (e.g. repetitive, knowledge-intensive, collaborative); capabilities of available access devices; and contextual information. EUTV will accomplish this by providing an approach based on topic of interest detection, track-ing and presentation in a multidimensional profile space. The topic domains EUTV will focus are news, sports and documentaries. The project results will be implemented for networked and aggregated audio-visual content re-sources that are publicly available on the web. The application scenarios are following a user-centric design and involvement approach to ensure that user requirements will be met. The EUTV project partners have complementary expertise and form an ideal mix of competencies for the successful completion of the project. They are ready and committed to properly support and spread the results of the technology at a large scale and to their direct partners and clients.

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