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BIOcontamination Specific Modeling in HAbitats Related to Space


BIOSMHARS is the first phase of a Europe - Russia research effort aiming to develop the scientific and technical tools enabling to have a comprehensive approach of biocontamination inside manned spacecrafts, and to develop appropriate countermeasures. BIOSMHARS will develop and calibrate a mathematical model predicting the transportation of bioaerosols in a closed environment and the induced biocontamination. The model of biocontamination will be calibrated in the BIOS-3 facility in Krasnoyarsk as an analogue to the International Space Station. It will integrate parameters enabling it to be adapted to a real spacecraft. A first experiment will enable to calibrate the physical model and particles transportation. A second experiment will enable to correlate the real biocontamination induced by injecting calibrated bioaerosols of bacteria and fungi with the calculations of the model. BIOMHARS will also develop a scientific and technical roadmap to facilitate the links with other EU relevant initiatives and plan for further phases. The project is proposed by a consortium of European and Russian leading research institutions in space, modelling and microbiology. The consortium is coordinated by MEDES, Institute for Space physiology and medicine in France. It also includes VTT - Technical Research Centre of Finland, the University of Eastern Finland and the Belgium Centre for nuclear research as European partners. For Russia, it includes IBMP, the Institute of BioMedical Problems of Moscow and IBP, the Institute of BioPhysics of Krasnoyarsk. The project duration is of two years.

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