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Long-range interacting quantum systems and devices


Controlled correlations in a quantum network are at the heart of emerging quantum technologies for communication, information processing and computation. The scaling to a large number of interconnected nodes has so far remained an open challenge. Here mesoscopic ensembles of atoms which can be well controlled in their geometry and which provide rapidly switchable long range interactions promise an alternative approach with a significant simplification for quantum devices and networks. Finite temperatures up to even above room temperature operation of the resulting quantum devices might be possible and the upscaling to quantum networks with millions of nodes seems within reach.
Therefore I propose to study Rydberg interacting mesoscopic ensembles at low and high temperatures. In the first part fundamental building blocks for quantum devices and networks based on the so called Rydberg blockade in mesoscopic ensembles will be studied in an ultracold environment. In the second part I will investigate how to transfer these ideas to scalable ensembles in thermal micro-vapor cells. As the range of interaction can be on the order of micrometers, standard techniques in lithography can be used to produce mesoscopic ensembles confined in glass cells. Display fabrication technologies used for the production of TFT LC (thin-film transistor liquid crystal) displays can be used to scale the number of connected mesoscopic ensembles up dramatically. I will investigate to what extend the interdisciplinary combination of micro- and display technology and atomic physics enables the parallel operation of many scalable single photon sources for example to feed a large linear optical quantum network. This resulting ground-breaking perspective for the applicability of quantum devices and networks justifies the risk to explore fundamentally and technologically unexplored territory.

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