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UMU Incoming Mobility Programme ACTion


University of Murcia UMU is the most important Research Centre in the Region of Murcia and in the Southeast of Spain with currently 312 Research Groups, 78 Research Department and 6 Research Institutes. UMU aims to increase its scientific excellence and quality by strengthening it existing postdoctoral programme through the proposed U-IMPACT Project and becoming more attractive for promising researchers.
The objective of U-IMPACT: “UMU Incoming Mobility Programme ACTion” is to refine an existing UMU postdoctoral scheme based on three main points:
1. Increasing the number of fellowships: will be increased in 25%
2. Improving the fellows’ conditions: improvement of living allowance, and three new allowance will be taking into consideration; mobility allowance, travel allowance and research costs
3. Opening up the Institutional Postdoctoral Programme to a Trans-national Postdoctoral Programme: Researcher of any nationality undertaking trans-national mobility following the trans-national mobility principle set up in the People Programme
The 4years U-IMPACT Project will include two calls for five fellowships in a two years/call duration program. With the implementation of the Programme, at least 10 Research group will received a fellow. This will be a good ratio for the University of Murcia. It is intended to provide the project with a much longer life.
U-IMPACT is addressed to engage highly talented incoming postdocs in projects in order to advance their career development. Incoming researchers will benefit from the infrastructures present at UMU and will interact with the groups working at university. University of Murcia will benefit from the expertise brought about by the fellows and will increase its visibility and level of internationalization. It is expected that research networks created during the fellowship will be maintained and strengthened throughout these years, thus helping to build an effective European Research Area.

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