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SUMAT: An Online Service for SUbtitling by MAchine Translation

Descrizione del progetto

Multilingual online services

Subtitling plays a very important role as it is the preferred multimedia content translation method in most of the European countries and for most of the genres, to make audiovisual content widely accessible across languages. The increasing use and transmission of digital multimedia and multilingual content through the web, DVDs and the current European and National policies promoting the subtitling of contents broadcasted by public TVs have had as a consequence that subtitling demands have increased in recent years, being the associated market size very important.However subtitling and subtitle translation face some important problems that are preventing the expansion of the market and are therefore hindering new business opportunities to arise: Cost, time and quality. There is a clear need to increase the productivity of subtitle translation procedures, reducing costs and turnaround times while enhancing the quality of the translation results. Then, subtitling and audiovisual translation have been recognized as areas that could greatly benefit from the introduction Statistical MT Techniques (SMT) followed by post-editing techniques, in order to increase productivity and enhance the quality of the results. Therefore, SUMAT project will increase the efficiency and productivity of the European subtitle industry, while enhancing the quality of its results, thanks to the effective introduction of SMT technologies in the subtitle translation processes.SUMAT will develop an online subtitle translation service addressing 9 different European languages combined into 14 different language pairs, with the aim to semi-automatize at a large scale the subtitle translation processes of both freelance translators and subtitling companies, in order to optimize their efficiency and productivity thereby helping them to meet the market demands

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PB - Pilot Type B


Paseo mikeletegi parque tecnologico de miramon 57
20009 Donostia san sebastian

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Noreste País Vasco Gipuzkoa
Contatto amministrativo
Arantza del Pozo Etxezarreta (Dr.)
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€ 469 000,00

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