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Real-life trial in Social Housing, of Water and Energy efficiency ICT services

Descrizione del progetto

ICT for energy and water efficiency in social housing

The SHOWE-IT project is an initiative that aims to reduce energy and water consumption in social housing against (for all stakeholders) favorable conditions, by creating a win-win situation where the different stakeholders all have something to gain. This project should prove the attribution that ICT solutions could make to create these circumstances and help create situations for replication that will be attractive and accepted on a large scale across Europe. To make the results of the project also financially viable we expect to need savings of around 20% in consumption.SHOWE-IT consists of three pilot sites in Rochdale (UK), Lyon (FR) and Botkyrka (SE) where a total of 118 households will be provided with human-centred, ICT enabled services to save energy and water. We put substantial effort on interaction with the households themselves, motivating them in energy and water saving behaviour. The ICT empowers these households and makes it easy for them to choose more energy/water efficient behavioural attitudes regarding energy consumption.The technologies are all tested and on the market which guarantees users a durable and full serviced product. With the help of technologies and users education we will be able to control and influence important behavioural patterns of tenants to reduce consumption. The most important elements of savings will come from:
•\tKeeping a comfortable minimum room temperature, reducing temperature when unoccupied, accurate control of the room temperature•\tIndividually heating & hot water metering for each apartment•\tOptimizing primary heat•\tNear real-time communication of consumption data•\tIn-home displays will offer inhabitants saving water and optimal use of home appliances•\tDiagnosis of baseline situation energy and water consumption in selected dwellings identifying consumption levels per household and behaviour of such households.
The monitoring stage covers a full year in which all 118 households (plus 70 control group households) are monitored in detail in near real time. This will provide a wealth of evidence on which sound conclusions regarding long term viability can be based. The diagnosing and monitoring is crucial to give evidence of savings and are in such an important element of the project. The project involves leading European companies both from social housing, as from the supply side industry. Also other actors in the value chain (including utilities and SME's) are present.
The housing associations are represented in national and international peer to peer networks.Through involvement of a Mirror Group of social housing companies that represents 240.000 dwellings across Europe, SHOWE-IT has on forehand created a strong and substantial set of activities directly aiming at large scale replication. We have reserved the resources to service replication and explanation within the duration of the project.

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