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Targeted conformal radiotherapy of disseminated cancers, using the alpha-particle emitting radionuclides astatine-211, bismuth-213 and actinium-225


This fellowship application proposes training in research that investigates the use of alpha-particle emitting radionuclides for targeted therapies of spread cancers. Eradicating disseminated disease using targeted alpha emitters is recognized as being very promising, but only a few research centres world-wide have the necessary infrastructure for advancing the field. Capacity must be held in trained personnel and lab resources. Additionally, availability of radionuclides must be secured. The training will take place at the Univ. of Gothenburg, one of the world leaders in this field. Its leading role is manifested by 1) being first in the world to complete a clinical phase I trial involving the most promising alpha emitter astatine-211; 2) the group members being invited speakers at the premier conferences in the field; and 3) major awards and grants received by several members of the research group led by Prof Jacobsson. Major results are published in the highest ranking journal in the field.

The applicant is already an established expert. He left a research position with extensive funding as the Principal Investigator in 2007 to serve the United Nations at the IAEA in Vienna. His work involves the medical physics aspects of diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicine. All relevant professional organizations and international bodies, including WHO and the European Commission, are involved in these activities. This experience has provided the applicant exceptionally broad and versatile skills at a truly international level. Though this current position involves the management and coordination of international research, there is no direct research performed. If awarded, this fellowship would allow the applicant to re-start a research career, thereby increasing his chances of securing a permanent senior faculty position at a University. Beneficiaries would be the applicant, the hosting research group and the European competitiveness in this important research field.

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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Ellen Rydberg (Dr.)
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€ 259 065