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Three-dimensional multiscale model for material degradation and fracture in polycrystalline materials


The aim of this proposal is the formulation and implementation of a three-dimensional multiscale model for material degradation and fracture in polycrystalline materials. The initiation and propagation of cracks is an inherently multiscale phenomenon, in which the micro-scale material features have a direct influence on the macro-continuum response and this in turn affects the micro-state evolution. Single scale analyses are not able to address specific crack problems, due to the inability of capturing essential geometric effects related to different grain morphology, size, orientation and mechanical behavior. Multiscale methods appear to be an effective tool on investigation, as they provide and link information at different scales.
The proposed model will be based on a new cohesive grain boundary integral formulation. The outcome of the project will be an high-performance computer code for 3D multiscale analysis of material degradation and damage initiation and propagation in polycrystalline materials. This could be commercialized in the future and find application in the Aerospace and Automotive industries, helping EU gain a competitive edge in this field. The stand-alone microstructure model could find application in the design of micro-devices for bioengineering applications.
There are several reasons for the timing of the project: multiscale modelling is an area of recognized importance, the present work goes beyond the state of the art and it will help Europe maintain scientific competitiveness. Moreover, the outcome of the project will help EU industries in the future. Several FP7 projects contribute to this theme and the project will complement those works. Finally, the project will noticeably expand the scientific and complementary skills of the fellow, contributing to the attainment of a position of professional maturity. It will link the fellow to a strong institution assisting in the construction of the European Research Area.

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