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The Interaction between the Central and Peripheral Exercise-Related Fatigue


"Understanding the complex interactions between the fatigue and neuromuscular activation has been under intensive research for more than a century. Nevertheless, it remains one of the most challenging research topics in neurophysiology. The factors influencing the development of fatigue involve both peripheral (muscle) and central (spinal and supraspinal) aspects but their complex interactions are yet to be illuminated.
The main objective of the proposed project is to develop and assess the computer-aided computational techniques for extraction of joint information provided by multichannel EMG and EEG before, during and after the fatiguing exercises. This includes: a) the decoding of neural drive to the muscle based on the decomposition of multichannel surface and intramuscular EMG; b) functional analysis of motor cortex based on multichannel EEG; c) coupling of extracted neural drive to the activity of motor cortex; d) a study of influence of peripheral muscle fatigue to exercise performance.
The decoding of neural drive to the muscle will be based on state-of-the-art techniques for decomposition of multichannel intramuscular and surface EMG. Functional analysis of motor cortex will be based on multichannel EEG and will include well-defined indices of central fatigue, such as the decrease of EEG-EMG coherence. The main focus will be on the assessment of nonlinear connection between the cortical activity and the neural drive to the muscles.
The project is expected to have a high social and economic impact by providing a novel tool for basic and applied research of fatigue in occupational, sports and rehabilitation medicine, ergonomics and space medicine. Other collateral applications include objective assessment of neurorehabilitation effectiveness, training of athletes, and prevention of work-related neuromuscular disorders."

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