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Polymer Microarrays – Identification of Substrates for Cellular Control and Enrichment


"Summary: Over the past decade the Bradley group has developed a variety of sophisticated high-throughput approaches for the preparation/fabrication of polymer microarray platforms (with arrays of several thousand individual polymers printed onto standard microscope glass slides and their subsequent biological screening and evaluation. Thus slides can be interrogated with a variety of cells (mammalian, bacterial or even parasites) with subsequent high-content screening, allowing the identification of a specific polymer or polymer blend that binds or otherwise modulates cellular function. This platform allows polymers to be rapidly identified, as novel substrates, which can bind cells in a selective manner, allows proliferation of defined cell populations and control cell fate, while offering the possibility of identifying defined synthetic matrices that might replace animal derived substrates like gelatine or collagen or discovering materials that can be coated onto mesh and used in filtration devices. Using this approach the Bradley group have discovered a variety of new materials, three of which are now undergoing in vivo evaluation and two are undergoing commercialization (as well as delineating their modes of action). They are currently collaborating with over twenty research groups using this technology and have published extensively. This forms the ethos of this proposal and opens a door on broad numbers of EU priority areas. No other group in the EU is working on such a far reaching polymer discovery strategy or has discovered such a plethora of novel polymers for such a range of practical applications. It is in this area that I wish to immerse myself, while bringing my own skills associated with polymer chemistry and application in the area of drug release."

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