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Let the music move you: involvement of motor networks of the brain in music processing


Previous work has shown an intricate connection between music processing and movement in the brain. This overlap is also present for imagined music, and may as such be applied to existing imagery-based movement rehabilitation paradigms. In the following proposal we outline two main questions. The first concerns the extent of the involvement of motor areas during music processing in various modes, namely perception, auditory imagination, auditory-motor imagination and observation. Common and separate brain activation patterns will be assessed using fMRI. The second question addresses the effects of imagery training paradigms on plastic changes in the brain, and the effect of cuing during this training. Pre- and post training fMRI will be measured as well as the behavioral output of the training. These questions will address unanswered issues that are relevant to existing movement rehabilitation paradigms. Additional to furthering our knowledge of imagery mechanisms in the brain, the results will be directly applicable to the clinical arena, as well as training in high-level skill acquisition.

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