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The Seductive Power of the Neurosciences: An Intellectual Genealogy

Final Report Summary - NEUROSEDUCTION2010 (The Seductive Power of the Neurosciences: An Intellectual Genealogy)

This was an academically successful project although it didn’t produce a final permanent post in the University, in spite of the proposed ‘reintegration’ as expected from the spirit of the grant and the nature and content of the original application. The contract of the fellow was extended for 58 days and then he was made redundant. Had the fellow known this from the beginning he would have applied for another Host for the Reintegration Grant, where reintegration could have effectively been achieved.

The fellow published a large number of outputs in excellent peer-reviewed international journals, mostly as sole author. The academic excellence of the fellow’s work has been confirmed by his promotion to Senior Research fellow by the internal University procedure and his being awarded for next academic year a fellowship by the prestigious Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton (USA) for his highly innovative research on epigenetics and sociology (“Remaking the boundaries of natural vs. social inequalities”).

Publications and presentations have been extremely successful during these 3-year project. This is an academically outstanding record that definitely exceeds expectations about the proposed output of the project.

Networking was particular successful with dissemination of outputs in several international conferences and consolidation of strong academic relationship with world-known expert in the field in UK and internationally. The consolidation of the role of the fellow as internationally-known leader has been particularly significant in the last 18 months.