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Languages in a network of European excellence


The general aim of LINEE is to investigate linguistic diversity in Europe in a coherent and interdisciplinary way, by developing an innovative, visible and durable scientific Network that can overcome fragmentation and serve as a world-wide quality and knowledge-based reference framework. In particular, LINEE aims to integrate and embed the research and structural capabilities of the partners, exchanging and consolidating good scientific and managerial practices by staff relocation/rotation, training and other activities.

The research space would be re-defined through the development of new methodological and theoretical platforms, that can serve as benchmarks for a concept of "New Multilingualism". The "vertical" Thematic Areas will be integrated by "horizontal" levels of analysis that take into account the dynamics of European integration, while a Portal based on a knowledge-management system should relate in a semantic and cultural web the data and information gathered through research. Because of bridge-building between theory and practice, a focus on conflict neutralisation mechanisms and the dissemination of reliable knowledge to the scientific community and other actors dealing with policy issues, LINEE would also have a strategic impact potentially contributing to the maintenance of peace and democracy in Europe.

While specific importance is attached to participation from the new Member States, the Network is expected to raise the visibility and profile of linguistic diversity throughout Europe and beyond. LINEE is fully or contextually relevant to all the core and specific objectives of Topic 3.1.1 "Linguistic diversity in a European knowledge-based society", as well as to the Research Area general objective. It is also relevant to the dimensions of priority 7 "Citizens and Governance in a knowledge-based society".

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