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Demonstration action for an Easy POSitioning for patients with reduced mobility


The Eposbed Demo project aims to bring into the market a Specialty or Medical Bed for hospitals that assist patients with limited mobility in bed. Eposbed lab-scale prototype has been successfully developed in the FP7-SME-2007-1, Eposbed project nº 222064, although we only could perform those tasks devoted to its research development. In Eposbed Demo we aim to use the advanced knowledge, complementary skills, and technological developments acquired in former Eposbed project to successfully bring the product into a commercial stage by performing a series of Demonstration activities needed for its success in the market. After having dedicated time and resources for the successful development of Eposbed lab scale prototype, we must not underestimate the importance of the necessary activities to bring it to the next level: the market. It will require a series of trials, adjustments and market activities that need to be carefully planned and coordinated. Giving the characteristics of this product as medical equipment, Manufacturers must provide clinical data of product efficacy involving a series of clinical trials that are needed before it can be placed into the market. These trials also imply that we must train and educate clinical staff on the product use and advantages. This is only one part of the complex process of bringing our innovation to the market. To fully understand the requirements of Eposbed to build the gap between our successful innovation and the market, we have performed a SWOT analysis. This analysis study the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of EposbedTM considering the achievements and successful results of Eposbed project nº 222064 while identifying the needs for this demo project activities to bring it to the market

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€ 141 000,00
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26080 Logroño

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Oscar Valdemoros Tobia (Mr.)
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