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Contenuto archiviato il 2024-05-29

MICRO MR Development of magnetic resonance measurement system for the examination characterisation and in vitro and in vivo observation of probes on a micrometer scale


The proposal will be aimed at the development of a magnetic tomography system for the examination of probes with submillimeter dimensions. Such applications are highly interesting for morphological and functional examinations of cellular systems and aggregates but also for in vivo applications even in humans of body cavities and by use of catheter intervention.

The crucial step of approaching sample diameters in the 10 500 mm range is the feasibility of building ultra small receiver coils with suitable microamplifiers for the efficient reception and acquisition of signals from such small samples. For imaging applications new principles of spatial encoding based on new designs for magnetic field gradients but also on other principles of spatial encoding are necessitated but also facilitated by the small sample dimensions. Using parallel acquisition techniques a multitude of such microcoils can be arranged in multicoil arrays either for the simultaneous acquisition of signals from multiple independent samples or if combined together for extremely fast imaging according to the principles of one coil one voxel OCOV imaging.

The objectives of the project will be to develop MicroMR systems which will be able to acquire magnetic resonance images and to monitor dynamic changes in cells cellular systems in vitro and in vivo microsystems of dimension Amp lt 500 micrometer with a spatial resolution of 0 1 10 microns by use of massively parallel microcoil arrays with dimensions of 50 500 micron coil to perform simultaneous NMR experiments on several hundred microprobes for use in Genomics Proteomics and Metabolomics use massively parallel microcoil arrays perform real time functional imaging of two dimensional structures microfilms biological samples skin etc.

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