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Future Internet Applied to Public Safety in Smart Cities

Descrizione del progetto

Use Case scenarios and early trials

Safecity deals with smart Public safety and security in cities. The main objective is to enhance the role of Future Internet in ensuring people feel safe in their surroundings at time that their surroundings are protected.Safecity is the result of the elaboration of a vertical Use Case Scenario based on Public Safety in European cities. The main goal of this project is to collect specific requirements driven by relevant users on the Future of Internet versus to the generic ones that will be collected through other objectives.The methodology follow to achieve this goal is as follow:1.\tThe definition of specific scenarios with the finality to negotiate with available infrastructures to support Safecity functionality, considering the involvement of main cities in Europe as Madrid, Helsinki, Athens, Bucharest, Stockholm etc along others. An Experts Committee integrated by other relevant European cities and Public Safety agencies will support this project.2.\tCollection of specific enablers, technical and functional requirements on the Future Internet in relation with Public Safety in contraposition of the generic ones and how the business process may be supported.3.\tElaboration of a conceptual Safecity prototypes and early trials in order to study the feasibility of this initiative. The demonstration of the concept will be carried out in Madrid as main city but other specific requirements will be demonstrated in a second city as Stockholm due to the contrast with Madrid.4.\tA strong liaison with other FI-PPP use cases and the FI Core Platform will be essential to the success of the project. For that, Safecity will support the FI-PPP Essential Interworking programme governance and activities that will ensure the integration of the Project activities across the whole programme. SafeCity main representatives will take part in the Project Collaboration Structures defined such as Advisory Board, Facilitation Committee, Architecture Board and Project Management Teams. SafeCity will be aware about the creation of the core platform and the development of the generic enablers.5.\tEstablishing a coherent dissemination plan in line with the overall FI PPP initiatives.

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