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The innovative use of virtual and mixed reality to increase human comfort by changing the perception of self and space


"VR-HYPERSPACE addresses the concerns expressed in ACARE’s Vision 2020 publication of changing demographics and increased urbanization resulting in society in 2050 and beyond needing more long-range transport for business and social-related mobility. What is required is a radical approach to conventional thinking with regards to the internal and external dimensions of the cabin, and revolutionary methods to support passenger comfort and experience. The challenge is how to place passengers in the minimum amount of physical space, while maintaining a high level of comfort and satisfaction? VR-HYPERSPACE will carry out fundamental research and development leading to a paradigm shift in relation to passenger comfort. The project adopts radical approaches using virtual and mixed reality technologies to change perception of space, and more profoundly change the very perception of oneself. Through the use of breakthrough and emerging methods and technologies, positive illusions will be created to make the passenger feel that they are in an extended space with others, looking well and feeling comfortable and able to carry out a wider range of activities than before possible. Our vision is that regardless of future trends in aviation technology and future variations in the interior of airplane cabins that we could utilize ever advancing state-of-the-art virtual and mixed reality technology to enhance the experience of a passenger on an airplane. As leaders in their field, the VR-Hyperspace consortium brings the scientific and technological excellence required to address the significant challenges of this high impact project. The results are expected to not only provide significant contribution to future transport needs of beyond 2050, but potentially can provide breakthroughs for Europe’s social, economic, health, environmental and industrial challenges."

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