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Advanced Network Coding for Video Surveillance


CodeLance is about an industry-academia cooperation that will exploit the know-how on ICT of both academic and commercial companies, in order to provide an efficient product for video surveillance over wireless multihop networks to support services like, traffic monitoring, fire detection and real-time events (such as natural disasters) broadcasting for the societies of the smart cities.

Video surveillance is an extremely demanding service in terms of QoS provisioning, security and delay guarantees, and requires high-performance wireless networks. Towards this goal, CodeLance will employ advanced network coding and security techniques, exploiting the research capacities of its two academic partners. On the other hand, the integration of these mechanisms over a video surveillance product necessitates the involvement of commercial partners who will ensure that all practical issues and parameters will be addressed in the protocol architecture and that the designed protocols will be backward compatible with existing hardware. Towards this goal, two SMES will participate in CodeLance to provide their significant industrial and technological expertise.

The design of the final video surveillance product requires the strong collaboration, equipment sharing, and excess of knowledge transfer between academic and commercial partners to bridge the gap between the theoretical approaches and a ready-to-implement video surveillance protocol. This cooperation will take place through inter-sector two-way secondmends of research staff with in-built mechanisms and organisation of training seminars, trans-national workshops and other networking activities to facilitate sharing of knowledge and culture between the participants. Moreover, recruitment of experienced researchers from outside the partnership will broaden the knowledge transfer and bring an added-value to the consortium.

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