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Ultra high performance MALDI mass spectrometer for basic research use and clinical applications


Mass spectrometry is an analytical science covering the multiple fields of chemistry, physics and biology. Each world has its specific needs and ways of producing and analysing samples. The world of clinical proteomics is complex since it involves a close interaction between doctors and hospital practitioners, not mass spectrometrists by nature, and analytical scientists. Several SMEs already enter the field; however none of the proposed solutions have yet reached the ultimate goal of producing the perfect software suite for clinicians and the right instrument for the challenge of ultimate biomarker discovery. However, this challenge is a never ending story since instrument capabilities to look for a needle in a haystack need to be improved continuously. The present Euro MALDI project aims at developing a new powerful proteomic solution for clinical applications. The proteomic platform will be composed of three main software for lipidomics, protein profiling and tandem mass spectrometry with a clinical interface and a high end MALDI TOF-TOF mass spectrometer. This challenge will be fulfilled by collaboration between academia (UnivMed) and an SME (Kratos). Kratos, a specialist in surface analysis and mass spectrometry ,will install a high end mass spectrometer in the premises of the centre for oncology and oncopharmacology (UnivMed/CRO2). CRO2 groups basic and clinical research teams as well as hospital practitioners. The centre has several core facilities such as technological platforms, biobanks, and animal nursing. Moreover the centre has its own research team in proteomics. CRO2 will provide the necessary expertise in clinical biology and biological mass spectrometry to optimize the MALDI mass spectrometer and allow its commercial release by the end of the project. This will lead to long term collaboration between UnivMEd and Kratos with wide social, societal and economic benefits.

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