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In order to investigate gust loads and control them on aircrafts, wind tunnel test researches must be conducted.

In this project, a gust generator and a wing model with control surfaces for these tests have to be designed and manufactured to contribute to a means of research for wind tunnel activities.
Before generating this hardware, a full CAD structural design is necessary.
These parts will be manufactured using an innovative optimized metallic and composite structure for the low weight and inertia required for the test.

Aviation Design is a SME with a long tradition in structural mechanics, CAD drawings, aerodynamics research & testing, and composite / metallic building.
Consequently our customers come from areas where all aspects of our knowledge and expertise are needed, which are among the aviation industry, on civilian and military research projects.

Aviation Design can therefore draw on long years of experience in the field required here:
- In wind tunnel making models for ONERA S4 and L2 wind tunnels. We conducted a full wind tunnel campaign in S4 for a major aerospace company with a composite / metal model.
- In composite structure making parts and components since 1993 for UAV and aeronautical industry, research centres, university and model airplane industry.
- In structural and aeronautical CAD design as subcontractor for UAV for aerospace companies.

Aviation Design will start with a detailed analysis of the design problem of a light weight low inertia and strong structure, will propose and discuss solutions with the SFWA partners and will build a composite / metallic structure, using a modern, state of the art parts which promises a high level of quality for the design.

All relevant steps will be performed in close cooperation with the SFWA partners, in order to ensure that all input for the project is accounted for.

This project is directly involved in Smart Wing Technologies in active gust load control. Gust load control solutions will help to create new innovative wing concepts and reduce structural weight for aircraft to reduce the environmental impact of air transport. The impact of the wind tunnel tests will help to develop breakthrough technologies to reduce the environmental impact of air transport and also to improve aircraft ride comfort and safety

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